The Eagle Rock District is located mostly in Idaho Falls.  Our chairman is Dean Buys, Commissioner is Sydney Withers and District Executive is Richard Turpin.  Click this link to see the list of all officers.  If you would like to join the staff as a committee member of fill in some of the vacancies, please contact Richard:, or one of the other officers.

The district offers a full program of support for its Scouts and Scouters.  Some of the activities include:

District meeting - generally the first Thursday of each month at the Idaho Falls Scout Office - 475 4th St.  This meeting is open to all interested Scouters, but held specifically for the Chartered Organization Representatives.  It is where the water starts its journey to the end of the row.  The Zone chair's and Commissioner's meetings start at 7 pm, District meeting at 7:30, and Zone meetings at 8 pm.  No meeting is held in July.

Roundtables - The second Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the LDS church at 1200 Dunbar St.  There are sessions all direct contact leaders:  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venturing.  This is where you can get ideas for your meetings and other activities.  We also pass on important information about the Scouting programs and requirements.

District Staff meeting - Third Thursday of each month at the Idaho Falls Scout Office at 7 pm.  The staff gets together to plan the district programs.

Special Events - These events include the Winteree, District recognition dinner, Webelos Wow, District Picnic and Fall Camporee. 

Training - All Direct contact leaders must be trained in order to recharter in the fall.  Some On line training is available at  Also the Council's training web site gives info on training sessions that are open to all: